Hufflepuff + INTP + Enneagram 5 (with a wing?)


I dabble in classical music and writing. I drink too much hot chocolate and my best friend is a Saint. I love Cinderella and mermaids. Peonies, pumpkins, and puns. Also, the word perhaps and pine trees. Maybe what I actually like is the letter P. I ask a lot of questions.  42 is always the answer. It's also the number of times I've applied to jobs at Barnes and Noble, and, although they haven't called yet, I'm trying to stay positive. I feel most like myself when the weather is gloomy. It probably has something to do with umbrellas. I laugh at my own jokes. While we're at it, I do, in fact, enjoy long walks on the beach. I'm a morning person, but I think the moon has a beautiful face.  


Jack of All Trades, Master of None?

They say (or Thomas Huxley does, anyway) that you should know everything about something and something about everything.

I don’t think my brain got the memo. I want to know everything about everything.

Being curious about a multitude of topics means that I regularly explore new ideas with great fervor. When something captures my attention, be it painting with watercolors or land navigation, I will try to learn everything I can about the subject. I suddenly want to be an expert. I might not have nine lives, but I try to cram as much as I can into the one I do have.

But… there simply isn’t enough time. Curiosity, for all its benefits, has some dark sides (those old sayings don’t exist for nothing). Sometimes I abandon a project as soon as a new, glamorous one shows up on the doorstep of my Mind Palace. It is my hope that blogging will provide some accountability and structure for the impossible dreams that dance around my head.

These are the hats I am currently wearing:


Aspiring Author

Endless Outlining


Recovering Musician

Flute Videos Coming Soon


DIY Amateur

And apparently it’s laundry day…

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