(In the privacy of confession) a priest once said,


“You’ve probably always been a perfectionist.”

He was right. With only my thirty to forty-five second confession to go on, this priest had me pegged. I’ve slowly started to address this in my writing and my baking, because it’s a pervasive problem in my life. And, as the priest indicated, it always has been.

I’m sick of it.

It’s been difficult for me to address this issue in the past, because the areas of my life where it was most prominent were often tied to my success in school or my career or—worst of all—my personal identity.

Thankfully, I don’t face the same pressures now as I did then. Now seems as good a time as any to peel back the layers and confront my perfectionist problem once and for all.


Once Upon A Time…


I had a story idea.

And I spent years procrastinating, doubting, and floundering. 2019 has an auspicious ring to it, however, and I’ve decided it’s the year that I finally get my act together.

This is not a how-to guidebook—I don’t pretend to understand how to write a novel—that process is different for every writer and every book. This is a project about process. It’s a behind the scenes examination of an amateur putting pen to paper, fighting for each word.

I’m not saying it will be pretty or successful. I can only say it will be honest.